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Fundo da ONU para o fim da violência contra a mulher

UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women Announces US$10.5 Million in Grants for 13 Projects in 18 Countries

24 November 2009

United Nations, New York — The United Nations Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund) will award nearly US$10.5 million in 2009 to 13 projects and initiatives that are addressing gender-based violence in 18 countries.

Resources for the UN Trust Fund fell drastically short to meet the vast demand. A total of 1,643 concept notes were received with grant requests totalling US$857 million. These figures reflect a sharp increase from previous years, both in terms of the number of applications received and the amount of funding requested. However, only 1.2 percent of the record amount requested could be met.

An average US$800,000 per grant will be awarded in 2009, US$50,000 more than the average grant awarded in 2008, and five-times the average grant awarded in 2007. The largest grants will be to Africa, where a total of five grantees shall receive an average of US$1 million per grant.

About the 2009 Grantees

New grants will support the implementation of laws and policies through better coordination of services to protect women and girls from violence in Thailand (UN Country Team), and the expansion of integrated services in Albania (Refleksione on behalf of the Albanian Network against Gender Violence and Trafficking). The Sierra Leone National Commission for Social Action will carry out recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to assist more than 650 survivors of sexual violence through reparations.

In Cameroon, Lesotho, Namibia and Nigeria, the International Planned Parenthood Federation will pilot a model of working through sexual and reproductive health services to analyse the impacts of violence against women and girls and increase support for survivors. Save the Children will scale up a proven approach for ending female genital mutilation in Gambia, Guinea, Mali and Senegal, shifting an existing emphasis from a health to a human rights–based approach. In Uganda and six other locations in East and Southern Africa, Raising Voices will build on the award-winning SASA! (Start, Awareness, Support, Action) programme to address intersections between violence against women and HIV and AIDS.

Several new grantees will work with girls and youth. In Zambia, Equality Now will seek justice for sexually abused girls through improved laws and enforcement. In Cambodia, Youth Star will mobilize youth groups around stopping domestic violence. In Bolivia, Asociación CUNA will strengthen networks against sexual and intra-family violence to prevent violence against girls and adolescents in the municipality of El Alto. Other grantees reach out to particularly excluded groups of women and girls, including women at risk due to the global financial crisis in Cambodia (Care International), women of the Roma minority in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Prava Za Sve), and indigenous women’s groups in Guatemala (Population Council) and Mexico (UN Country Team).

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