quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

UNIFEM - Ajuda para as mulheres no Haiti

Dear Friend, Imagine you’re a victim of domestic violence in Haiti…

Before the earthquake on 12 January, you and your children were safe in one of Haiti’s women’s shelters.

You were working to rebuild your life. And now, the shelter and so much else has been ripped away. UNIFEM is working to raise 2 million dollars to rebuild women’s shelters and expand emergency services for women and their families.

Your contribution will fund emergency community-based violence prevention programmes, counselling services, provide emergency supplies and rebuild women’s centres. Let us count you in.

Help us Say NO to violence against women and girls in Haiti. Every dollar you give counts as an action. Let us count you in. Donate here.


Inés Alberdi

Executive Director, UNIFEM

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